Today I started cleaning out my cubicle. I have saved massive amounts of “good ideas” over the past 10 years and this was the time to start purging all the associated paperwork that went with them. I didn’t realize how hard it would be. None of the problems that they address have been solved. To see so much wasted talent that had been poured into those ideas by so many people both inside the community and out saddened me deeply. Especially as the next crop of good ideas are just variations of the same ideas I threw away to solve the same problems that haven’t yet been solved. I have never underestimated the challenges in making innovation happen but now I wonder if transformation of a deeply hierarchical bureaucracy is really possible. If the system doesn’t ultimately win over the talented employees trying to do what is right. I hope that I am wrong but I keep seeing indicators of a return to mediocrity and business as usual instead of working through the challenging change times.