I am going to start a democracy bucket list before the current administration kills American democracy. I hope to visit and revisit places where democracy was born and where Americans kept fighting to keep the democratic ideals of the Constitution no matter how hard the sacrifice. I’ve been very lucky to have traveled so much of this since I was a baby and later both Europe, the Mideast and the US as an adult. I currently live in one of the first states in America so I’ve had more opportunity to see amazing historic places and events. I hope that American democracy will stay strong but the pace of destruction in 2017 has startled me. Since I may not have more than a couple of decades left, I want to relearn the pledge I swore in 1975 to protect and defend the Constitution of the US against all enemies foreign and domestic. The trips I take may be real or virtual and will look at the meaning of the place/event and what its promise is for the future if any.

But to get started, I must do some cleanup in my blog.  I have not posted anything since 2013 although I had many drafts in a personal file that has since vanished.   So the first step is the new category “Democracy Bucket List”.  The rest of the cleanup like new blogroll may have to wait