My beloved dog Sasha just passed over the Rainbow Bridge   (a loving thought to help with grieving).  20170218_090237  I fell in love with Sasha in August 2011.  I had gone to the shelter looking for a small dog.  There were none available and the shelter folks recommended I look at Sasha.  But she had vanished in the shelter shadows which is why I always had her wear a neon orange collar so that I never lost her again. But instead of the small dog I had planned to get, I ended up with a beautiful black lab/pitbull mix who at six years and 55 pounds was so gentle and loving.  But eighteen months ago she was diagnosed with both hip dysplasia and mast cell cancer on her neck.  She was over 12 at the time so all I planned to do was maintain basic medications and then just love her till it was time for her to go.  The time seemed both long and short.  Sasha was doing good with the medications until Christmas when the tumor seemed to explode in size and the hip dysplasia started causing weakness in walking and standing.  It’s been hard wrestling with the decision to put her to sleep because at times she was so happy and active.  But lately she has been in pain more times than happy even with medication.  So I planned today as a special event taking off work and hoping to play a little with the ball before we went.  Sadly Mother Nature did not cooperate and the windy weather event terrified both Sasha and myself although for different reasons.   But if we couldn’t get out to play ball,  the vet’s office had planned  a special meal and a bag of treats which I’m pretty sure she liked better.  I got to be with her till the end and now I’m going to spend this weekend making art of Sasha which I will post here to celebrate the love she gave me and the life we shared for almost seven years.