I’m creating a new  category called Health Journey where I hope to share some of the struggles and lessons learned from a lifetime of trying to fit in with society’s ideas of beauty.    Just recently, I’ve come to realize that my focus needs to be on the journey to getting  healthy and then maintaining it not on some individual component like the pounds lost or gained.   Because good health isn’t just about weight loss or exercising – it’s about understanding health holistically from physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional realms (and any other I might have left off) and putting together all the parts in a way that contributes to a healthful life no matter how many setbacks may occur along  the way.   I’d also love to hear your stories and your lessons from the journey to better health. Image

I created this memory box in July to commemorate the first 9 months of the journey.  You can find out  more about it in an earlier post so I won’t repeat the explanation.  But I hope to use my artwork to both nourish my soul and share the memories of the journey.